Our Pioneers Perspective Retreat

Join us on a one-week Perspective Retreat to Kisumu, Kenya.

Every year, typically in July, we take a small group of donors, volunteers, and supporters to Kenya simply to live their way of life for a week.

You will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to simply live like the locals. This trip is a chance to slow down, reflect, and gain a new perspective on life by seeing it through the eyes of Kenyans. Your job on this trip is not to work all day, but instead to relax, observe, and simply experience a different kind of life.


You will likely form some deep bonds with your new friends in Kenya, as you will be spending all your time with them and living in their homes. We facilitate learning and bonding opportunities by giving you exposure to you all parts of daily life in Kenya - Education, Farming, Business, Luo Culture, NGO Projects, and a whole lot more.

We hope you can join us!

If you are on the fence about going on this trip, just do it! I am so grateful that I said yes. This trip has changed my life, and the new perspective I carry with me now will span across so many parts of my life. You will feel welcomed, loved & expanded beyond what you could imagine. Don't miss it!

- Heidi Murray 2017 Participant

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